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Surgeons for letter 'A'


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Name Professional Title
Khalid Hussain Abbasi Consultant Neurosurgeon
R Abeygunaratne Neurosurgeon
Ahmed Abou-Zeid Neurosurgeon
S Achawal Neurosurgeon
Ibrahim Ahmed Neurosurgeon
E Albanese Neurosurgeon
S Al-Barazi Neurosurgeon
James Allibone Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon
Rafid Al-mahfoudh Consultant Neurosurgeon and Complex Spine Surgeon
Yahia Al-Tamimi Consultant Neurosurgeon
Amit Amit Neurosurgeon
Vasilios Apostolopoulos Neurosurgeon
K Aquilina Consultant paediatric neurosurgeon
F. Arnold Neurosurgeon
Babak Arvin Neurosurgeon
Vasileios Arzoglou Neurosurgeon
Keyoumars Ashkan Professor of Neurosurgery
R Ashpole Neurosurgeon
T Aziz Neurosurgeon