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Neurosurgical National Audit Programme

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Policies & Publications

Performance Indicators

Please refer to SBNS-NNAP Performance Indicators (opens in new window).

Outlying Performance Policy

Please refer to SBNS-NNAP Outlier Policy (opens in new window).

NNAP Manual

Please refer to SBNS-NNAP Manual (opens in new window).

Statistical Notes

Please refer to SBNS-NNAP Risk Adjustment Methodology (opens in new window).

NNAP OPCS4 Code Clinical Categories

Please refer to NNAP OPCS4 Code Clinical Categories (opens in new window).

Procedures List 2018

Please refer to NNAP Procedures List (opens in new window).

Risk Adjustment

Please refer to NNAP Risk Adjustment (opens in new window).