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Ms Vivian A. Elwell MA, FRCS
Professional Title Neurosurgeon
GMC Number 6076273
Personal Email
Secretary Jenny Wilkinson 01444 4411881 (ext 5733)
SBNS Member? Yes



FRCS (Neuro. Surg) Royal College of Surgeons, 2012


Columbia College, Columbia University (BA): 1993-1997

University of Cambridge (Pre-Clinical): 1998-2000

Imperial College School of Medicine (Clinical):  2000-2003

Central London Senior Spinal Fellowship (2013-2014)

North Thames London Neurosurgery Run Through Training (2007-2013)

Professional Activity

Consultant Neurosurgeon with an Interest in Complex Spinal Surgery: 2015

Society of British Neurological Surgeons

British Association of Spinal Surgeons

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies


Clinical Activity

General Neurosurgery & Simple and Complex Spinal Surgery.


CCrISP and ATLS Accredited Instructor, Royal College of Surgeons of England.


Nash R, Elwell V, BrewS, Powell M, Grieve JP (2016). Management strategy for treatment of vasopasm following transsphenoidal excision of craniopharyngioma. Acta Neurochir 158 (11):532-537.

Ogungbemi A, Elwell V, Choi D, Robertson F (2015) Permanent endovascular ballon occlusion of the vertebral artery as an adjunct to the surgical resection of selected cervical spine tumours: A single center experience. Interv Neuroradio 21(4):532-537

Elwell V, Kirollos R, Al-Haddad S (2014) Neurosurgery: The Essential Guide to the Oral and Clinical Neurosurgery Exam. CRC Press. ISBN: 9871482227604

Choi D, Subramanian A, Elwell V, Andrews P, Roberts D, Gleeson M (2014): Endoscopic transnasal surgery as a replacement for maxillotomy techniques to appraoch the central skull base: fever complications and more acceptable to patients? J Neurol Surg B Skull Base 75(3):165-170

Packer A, Crotty D, Elwell V, Wolgemuth D (1998) Expression of the murine Hoxa4 gene requires autoregulation and a conserved retinoic acid response element. Development 125(11):1991-8

Packer A, Elwell V, Parnass J, Knudsen K, Wolgemuth D (1997) N-cadherin protein distribution in normal embryos and in embryos carrying mutation in homeobox gene Hoxa-4. Int J Dev Biol. 41(3):459-68.

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