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Inpatients areas cover all admission methods including, elective, emergency and other non-elective categories (maternity, transfers etc).

Analyse a full range of data for any specified patient cohort. Metrics include activity, tariffs, length of stay analysis and Standardised Admission Ratios (SARs) – Indirect and Direct.

Identify variation in elective spells or bed days between any organisations. Review day case rates and British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) procedures.

Compare readmission rates from different organisations. Investigate Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACSCs) and Procedures of Limited Clinical Value (PLCV).


Outpatients focuses on (SARs) which enables commissioners to compare activity across practices, GP localities and CCGs. Metrics include cancellation rates, DNAs and new to follow-up ratios.

Fully customisable to patients’ demographics, this area of the system will allow you to find variation in activity levels and identify potential efficiencies.


Interrogate A&E performance from a commissioning and trust perspective. Commissioners can analyse a variety of metrics including four hour targets, trolley waits, and reattendances.

Breakdown attendances into separate phases of treatment and utilise key efficiency statistics to identify whether minor conditions could have been referred elsewhere.

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Any issues or queries are dealt with swiftly by the helpdesk. The training provided has been very useful and has enabled us to roll the tool out across the Trust by utilising the skills of our own staff and material provided by HED to train others.

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