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Neurosurgical National Audit Programme

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Neurosurgical National Audit Programme

The Neurosurgical National Audit Programme (NNAP) was established by the Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) in 2013 as part of a major quality improvement initiative. The programme aims to support neurosurgical units in the UK and Ireland to improve patient care, outcomes, safety, and experience by providing high quality, robust audit data that is analysed and presented in a consistent and clinically relevant way.

Consultant Outcome Publication 2017

Consultant outcome publication (COP) is an NHS England initiative to increase transparency within the NHS and to provide the public with information on surgical outcomes. The NNAP has been mandated by NHS England to publish activity and mortality data for all consultant neurosurgeons practising in England. Individual consultant and unit level reports may be accessed through this website.

For more information please visit the HQIP and SBNS websites.