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HED dashboards

Image: HED dashboard on a tablet screen

HED dashboards allow healthcare organisations to quickly measure performance, monitor outcomes and identify opportunities for further improvement.

Designed in collaboration with our customers, HED offers a range of dashboards covering a variety of measures.

HED dashboards are intuitive, easy to use and can be accessed on multiple devices.

HED tiles

Customisable to each user’s role, this dashboard features numerous indicators which can be presented in a variety of formats, even utilising a hospital’s divisional structure to organise treatment specialties.

HED Tiles is a straightforward dashboard allowing organisations to easily identify specific opportunities to improve clinical performance.

Powerful dashboards

Intuitive and responsive, offering graphics that are fully customisable to each user.

New metrics

HED Analysts constantly develop new metrics to match current trends.

Indicator summary

Select from over 30 indicators to map a trust’s position on a live table builder. The indicator summary offers hospitals the ability to benchmark against local trusts and recommended peers. Further functionality allows users to investigate indicators by specialties and admission methods.

HEDlines indicators

Visually enticing and covering a broad array of indicators, the HEDlines dashboard allows users to view a variety of measures on screen with the additional benefit of downloading them in multiple formats. Tailored versions are available for specialist trusts to ensure clinically relevant measures.

NHS Choices

Displaying measures covered by NHS choices, this dashboard allows organisations to monitor their performance. Measures are presented clearly, allowing users to quickly identify areas of concern and investigate deeper via relevant modules.

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Any issues or queries are dealt with swiftly by the helpdesk. The training provided has been very useful and has enabled us to roll the tool out across the Trust by utilising the skills of our own staff and material provided by HED to train others.

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