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Financial opportunity

Image: HED financial opportunity information on a computer screen

Analysing an organisation’s marketshare is quicker and easier using HED’s range of financial opportunity reporting tools.

An organisation’s marketshare can be viewed by inpatients, outpatients and those admitted by A&E. Reporting tools allow users to benchmark an organisation’s marketshare against regional, national and bespoke peer groups.

Interactive data

HED utilises interactive data tables which populate in real time with a user’s request.

Identifiable measures

Marketshare measures include, attended appointments, total tariff in-line with HRG 4.0, new appointments, follow up appointments, DNAs and total appointments.

Informed decision making

Marketshare modules allow users to benefit from informed benchmarking including patterns for:

  • age categories
  • attendance type
  • referral source
  • HRG
  • CCS group
  • ICD10 codes
  • OPCS groups
  • treatment specialty
  • main specialty
  • purchaser organisation

Customisable elements

HED allows organisations to map their hospital structure to easily identify patterns and growth.

Trend identification

Identify where patients are being referred from and where they are going to. Identification can also be used for monitoring local GP practices to ensure your organisation is receiving the marketshare you expect.

Effective business strategies

HED Marketshare modules allow organisations to assess business strategies to ensure their effectiveness. This also allows for increased understanding of the healthcare market and the ability to deliver provisions which better support the local population.

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Any issues or queries are dealt with swiftly by the helpdesk. The training provided has been very useful and has enabled us to roll the tool out across the Trust by utilising the skills of our own staff and material provided by HED to train others.

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